Oksana Kadoshnikova
Creative director / creative writer
International Projects
Made while working with Ruport, Rutorika and Mediatron
๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Fasten ridesharing service: website, app, promo
๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น 4mktg trade-marketing agency: website
๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Mediatron representative office in the UK: strategy, website
๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท Cannes Lions "See it Be it" Programme 2017: shortlisted applicant
With Mediatron team
Digital, Branding, Copywriting
Mediatron advertising & communication agency: rebranding
Mediatron: awesome texts for job openings
Mediatron HR: Career Day
Mediatron: New Year's resolutions cross-brand campaign
Development Yug 25th anniversary: branding
Nikolaevskie Cheeses: microbranding from packaging, SMM, communication guideline
With Rutorika&Ruport team
Digital, Branding, Copywriting
KIA: Battle of the Cities online game
Ancor: Headhunters' day online game
Ancor: Job interview simulator
Ancor: Women's Day online game
Freework: branding&campaign
BOLSHOY residential complex: branding
Centralny residential complex: branding
Shambala hotel&casino: website
Kuban rugby club: website
Brands and Talents employer branding: website
Beton Brut loft-hotel: website
Dacha del Sol hotel: website
Aquastand: weird website for a carwash
"Prostranstvo" quests: text with an easter egg
VID designs: outstanding and outrageous commercial journal
Own side projects
Articles in different journals while working as a freelance journalist
Naborslov, a useful instrument for copywriters and creative teams: proud creator, contributor
Beton Brut and Dacha del Sol: souvenirs, POSM
"Almost comics": humble illustrator and author
6 things about me
1. My team is my family. To love and protect.

2. You only need two skills โ€” to learn quickly and work your ass off. Everything else is just googling.

3. Once I've said something pompous like ยซYou only need two skills...ยป I immediately think of an exception. Likeโ€ฆ always be kind to people. That's a skill.

4. I love learning and teaching. I create individual plans and guides for leveling-up, find a fun way to teach something new, organize workshops, battles, exercises, games (especially drinking-Friday-night ones).

5. I don't believe in creative chaos. As a true pAeI by Adizes, I love order, systems, checklists, apps, guides, tools, templates, somebody stop me.

6. For the Horde since 2008.
Idea! Bronze 2013: Social media campaigns
White Square Bronze 2013: Social media campaigns
Red Apple Bronze 2013: Social media campaigns
Kiev International Ad Festival Shortlist 2013: Social media campaigns


Golden Website 2017: Best website in South Russia
Golden Website Silver 2017: Hotel, inn, hostel
CSS Design Awards 2016: Special kudos (x2)
Runet Rating Shortlist 2016: Development and real estate
Golden Website Bronze 2016: Hotel, inn, hostel
Runet Rating Shortlist 2015: Development and real estate
CSS Design Awards 2015: Special kudos (x3)
Runet Rating Silver 2015: Promo-website
Runet Rating Bronze 2015: Industry and equipment
Golden Website Silver 2015: Best website for B2C
Golden Website 2015: Best website in South Russia
Runet Rating Shortlist 2015: Finance, investment, banking
CSS Winner 2013: Site of the Day
CSS Design Awards 2013: Site of the Day
Runet Rating Shortlist 2013: Best digital agency website
โ€” Mediatron advertising agency, creative director, 2018โ€” December 2019
โ€” Rutorika digital agency, creative director, 2016โ€”2017
โ€” Rutorika digital agency, senior copywriter, 2015โ€”2016
โ€” Freelance writer, travel journalist, 2014โ€”2015
โ€” Ruport creative agency, senior copywriter, 2013โ€”2014
โ€” Rutorika digital agency, copywriter, 2011โ€”2013
โ€” Webreklama digital agency, copywriter, 2010โ€”2011


โ€” National Research Tomsk State University, Master's degree, Psychology โ€“ Advertising.
โ€” Russian Reporter's Summer School of Journalism.
โ€” IKRA education platform: Creative techniques, SMM, Management.
โ€” Laba education platform: PR director.
โ€” Netology education platform: Motion design, 3D ะธ VFX basics.

โ€” "PR and Creative in Southern Russia" regional conference: speaker.
โ€” "Promoting your brand in digital" workshop: facilitator, speaker, occasional translator, omg-that-was-so-inspiring-thanks-receiver.

Russian โ€” native
English โ€” fluent
Italian โ€” beginner
Japanese โ€” beginner
a-a-and so on

โ€” Aspiring motion and VFX designer.
โ€” Practice Japanese martial arts for 10 years, have black belt in jodo, won some medals and stuff.
Mediatron, head of SMM, senior copywriter
Ruport, art director
Sergey Evsukov
Tiana Putylina
Talk about me
behind my back
Dmitry Filippov
Free art director
Elena Vinogradova
Beton Brut, Dacha del Sol, Moreleto, marketing director
+7 928 840 29 54
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